Car on gas: Pros and ConsThe car that runs on gas, has a number of advantages. For example , the exhaust is much cleaner , ie exhaust gases 2 times less dangerous to humans and the environment. With today’s gasoline prices , the economic effect of filling gas is becoming more tangible , while passenger car gas equipment pays for itself in a couple of tens of thousands of kilometers . Gas and many other indicators are better than others fuels. For example, the calorific value per unit mass is increased, which reduces the flow of gaseous fuel , thus decreasing the load on the parts , thus considerably increasing engine life , and the ” burn ” of oil is reduced.

Cylinders , which contain gas, have a large margin, as calculated on the high pressure in their design , which eliminates their destruction in the event of an accident , while fuel tanks quickly deform , while gasoline fell deeply out of the tank , can easily ignite.

Despite the obvious advantages , the usefulness of the gas equipment is controversial motorists . The main arguments “against” is explosive gas and its unpleasant odor. Gas mixture itself has no odor , but for the possibility of leak detection mixture is odoratsii . Odoratsiya – a procedure giving any substance specific flavor. Continue reading

Test Drive Hyundai AccentHyundai Accent subcompact reason in our country has not received such an occurrence, as in their homeland. And even if we talk about a number of associative , then Hyundai Galloper and likely associated Sonata than Accent , and has all the makings of becoming the world leader in small cars .

If we talk about the exterior , the Hyundai Accent is slightly inferior to European competitors , but calling machine ugly too difficult. ” Pull ” rear makes the car a bit like a sedan visually and new edge technology adds some zest to design cars . By and large , no new discoveries in creating this design was not done, however, flowing lines , a classic design and visual ” streamlining ” of the car are very well made , though , and almost devoid of any individuality meeting.

Looking inside the machine once you understand the mysterious meaning of the phrase ” comfort in Korean .” Everything is really very convenient, does not cause any complaints , but gray and boring – clearly felt that no one famous car designer hand to the creature did not apply , and the company had to do almost no effort mechanics. On the background of greyness and gloomy tones look good swing lever cover and center console pieces made ​​in the original silver- copper colors. It really looks like a ray of light in gloomy interiors country . Steering column and driver’s seat is adjustable for height, though , and the first and second can be set up even for a very tall person . Less in this plan is – if you increase more than 2 meters , prepare the potholes ” bumkatsya ” head on top upholstery . It does not hurt , but still unpleasant and distracting. Continue reading

How to conduct a test driveStatistics tell us that the most common buyer spends on test-drive the car, which wishes to acquire no more than 15 minutes. Some even deciding what to cook for dinner and it takes a little longer . Why is this happening ? Well, most people just do not understand how to properly test drive on in the first place you should pay attention and chooses his companion for the next few years without a thorough check of the car from fear of appearing ignorant .

Initially, it should be clearly assess the possible cost to purchase cars , own style drive , experience, number of passengers and the possible volume of transported cargo in the future . So initially is to determine the possible model car and read reviews about this car on the internet.

When the machine is selected and stands directly in front of you , it is useful to start with a carefully and meticulously inspect the car to compare with their own ideas about cars . Needless to say, that a test drive is worth coming in everyday clothes , not to accidentally discover that steer in a miniskirt and high heels are not too convenient. Ideally , during the test drive is better to repeat your daily route , visiting those places that have to travel more often. Continue reading

How to get gasoline from the tankEvery motorist is sometimes necessary (for various reasons ) to get some petrol from the tank . There are several simple ways .

Method number 1
Disconnect the hose from the carburetor , fuel pump from running , insert it into the empty vessel ( see Figure 1) , and start the engine. During the time while the engine will produce all the gasoline from the carburetor into the vessel nabezhit about a liter of gasoline .

Method number 2
Get an empty plastic bottle , 0.5 liter ( she have greater mechanical rigidity than two-liter or liter ) . In the bottle cap to do two holes . From the fuel pump to disconnect a hose supplying fuel pipe and insert it into one of the holes of the bottle cap ( tight) . Disconnect the hose from the vacuum tramblera ignition timing ( connects the carburetor and ignition timing vacuum system ) , and insert it ( too tight) into the second hole of the bottle cap ( see Figure 2) . Fully close the choke carburetor ( pull the choke ) and rotate the starter motor. Carburetor will start pulling air out of the bottle . Due to a vacuum is created in the bottle from the tank , gasoline flow . Continue reading

Test Drive FORD FOCUS IITalk about the pros and cons of FORD FOCUS can be very long, but we try to highlight the most important points.

First of all it is worth noting that the car is not only perfectly suited for driving on roads brilliant Russian , but also copes with unexpected ” difficulties ” that we’re having every kilometer . In moderate driving car suspension copes well with bumps in the road but when racing at high speed over rough terrain be prepared for the fact that especially large pit can still make your suspension obituary .

If you suddenly get lucky on a flat , a good way , you can take a chance and drive – even at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour FORD FOCUS not even “trying” to scour , or dangerous lurch . Thus we can say that the car is perfect “holds” asphalt.

Of the minuses , depending on the driving speed can be answered roar of the engine , which penetrates into the interior with racing at insane speeds. But the riders did not usually before, and for drivers who prefer tihushnik and average speed of minus simply does not exist . Continue reading